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Hevhetia, 2014
"Just amazing album by Port Mone trio... Slovak label Hevhetia is planning to release the album that will most likely be my summer album of the year!"
Jan Hocek
"The ensemble from Minsk amazed with compositions between experimental and song-like, the sound all the time trusts, a constantly swelling and decaying swirl in narcotic effect!"
Andreas Schiffmann
"When you run the disc in the player, a moment later you realize that in fact you are dealing with the art of rebellious and disobedient to any standards or limitations - Music functioning over all."
Robert Ratajczak
Geometry, 2009
"Sometimes their music departs from traditional Russian or Slavic melodies through recourse to a surprising minimalism, in fact to the point where the original composition can't be recognized. Awesome!"
Artemiy Troitskiy
"It's a mistake that best albums comes from the West only. Here is one of the best albums of year 2009 and it is coming from the East, from Belarus. This is something really fabulous."
Horvi Tehac
"Having such a limited set of expressive means, the musicians recorded a CD that keeps the listener in tension from the first to the last sound, and listening to the album can be called a sort of adventure…"
Ilya Zinin
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