The new album will be released in 2018.
We have recorded all the music in Belarus using the renewable energy only.
The first video from the future album called "Shore" and it is available now.
Hevhetia, 2014
"Just a tremendous triumph of Port Mone Trio... The Slovak label Hevhetia released the album that will most likely become my summer album of the year!"
Jan Hocek
"The trio from Minsk strikes with the tracks that are between experimental and melodious forms sounding familiar every now and then and having a continuing rising-and-falling swirl with an addictive effect…"

Andreas Schiffmann
"When you get the CD in the player, you realize after a while that you are facing in fact the recalcitrant art rebellious to any standards or limitations: the music that functions above it all."

Robert Ratajczak
Geometry, 2009
"Sometimes their music differs from the Slavonic melodies in an absolutely unusual minimalistic style, sometimes it is impossible to identify the roots of their compositions. Awesome!"

Artemiy Troitskiy
"It's a mistake that best albums comes from the West only. Here is one of the best albums of year 2009 and it is coming from the East, from Belarus. This is something really fabulous."
Horvi Tehac
"With such a limited set of expressive means, the musicians recorded a CD that grabs an audience from the first to the last note; and listening to it is a kind of adventure"
Ilya Zinin
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