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"The Guardian" about Port Mone trio

"Port Mone are an instrumental trio who have forged their own voice from a mix of influences, including jazz, minimalism and ambient music. They are still developing in this new direction and are popular among music lovers from both the east and west..." Read more...


Artemy Troitsky about Port Mone "Thou"


Album Of The Year Port Mone "Thou"

Port Mone "Thou" at the seventh annual Experty.by awards to best Belarusian albums of 2014 by the vote of Belarusian and foreign critics:

Album Of The Year;

Best instrumental album;

Big Jury Prize (voted by 16 Belarusian music journalists - basically all ivolved in the local Belarusian music coverage, including 4 permanent experts);

People's Experts' Prize (voted by active website users, who gave their mark to at least 15% of 2014 releases);



"Thou" is in the Top 2014 in the blog "Lacunamusic" (USA)

"...Shut off your phone and listen to a whole cd, lp, download (if that is your bag) listen to it in its entirety. That is the artists message to you. It cannot be assimilated in 100 characters or less. It needs to be taken as a whole. Give your time to another human being..." Read more...


Alexey Vorsoba. Interview

"Interview in russian for the ukranian webzine zefir.ua"


Evgeny Dolgikh about our new album.

"And now Port Mone move towards combined antipop and antielite direction in their music activity. Their music is primarily humane." Read more...


"Thou" got 9.5 out of 10 points at Experty.by from Belarusian music critics.

You are welcome as well to listen to the album, rate it and leave your comments. Read more...


Thou in german "Mescaline Injection" Musik & film magazine

""An open-hearted album for unlimited listening pleasure..."


"A closer listen" review by Richard Allen

"Listening to the album all the way through imitates a walk into an unknown forest; some familiar guideposts remain, but encounters grow stranger and stranger." Read more...


Presentation of the album "Thou" on the radio "Racyja"

Listen to the tracks from the album with the comments by Alexey Vorsoba in Viktar Siamashka's programme "Krakatuk". Read more...


"Thou" review by Horvi from Croatia

"Thou": 9 out of 10 points and a great review in Croatian. Read more...


"Thou" review in russian

Musecube.org about the Port Mone trio new album.


"Babskim Uchem": Marta Ratajczak from Poland about "Thou"

"Music served by Port Mone is a magic trance meetings at a higher level of humanity..." Read more...


The first review of "Thou" from Poland by Robert Ratajczak

"When you run the disc in the player, a moment later you realize that in fact you are dealing with the art of rebellious and disobedient to any standards or limitations - Music functioning over all." Read more...


German portal Musicreviews.de about "Thou"

"Port Mone are worth discovering: The ensemble from Minks amazed with compositions between experimental and song-like, the sound all the time trusts, a constantly swelling and decaying swirl in narcotic effect!" Read more...


The first review of the upcoming album "Thou" by Jan Hocek from Czecz portal Jazzport.cz

"Just amazing album by Port Mone trio... Slovak label Hevhetia is planning to release the album that will most likely be my summer album of the year!" Read more...


Port Mone performed for the ukranian military in Crimea

Port Mone trio has given a concert in a Ukrainian military unit blocked by Russian troops in Crimea. Read more...


New album THOU by Port Mone coming soon


Soundtrack to silent movie "Khlib" (1930, UA)

Port Mone have recodred the soundtrack to "Khlib" - soviet avant-garde black and white silent movie filmed and directed in Ukraine in 1930 by M. Shpykovs'ky.


Interview about Nostalgia show in Kyiv (UA)

Che Kevlin on performing Nostalgia show in Kyiv (UA): "I felt a strong connection with Port Mone, who were very sensitive to the ways in which I work and I was keen to allow complete freedom on their part to interpret the piece. We are now planning an international tour together and started a dialogue with new contacts made in Kyiv as we are very positive that this first-time collaboration will transpire into an exciting larger project." Read more...


Mute Nights Festival, Press conference

Press conference of the 2nd day of Mute Nights Festival.

Alexey Vorsoba, Sergei Letov, Vladimir Goloukhov.

Photo by Artmageddon Magazine.


Review on album "DiP"

New review on Port Mone's album "DiP" by Music for Maniacs (USA). Read more...


Songlines magazine (UK) about "Khmeleva project"

Songlines magazine (UK) #92 features performance "Khmeleva project" by DakhaBrakha & Port Mone at Etno Port - Returns: "The resulting experience was like some kind of atavistic pagan ritual." Read more...


Performance Nostalgia 2012

Nostalgia2012 from che on Vimeo.

02.06.2013 in Kyiv performance Nostalgia 2012 at VIZII Festival

Performance Maker: Che Kevlin

Dramaturgy: Polona Baloh-Brown

Photography: Mariya Ustymenko

Music: Port Mone


Music Awards

"Khmeleva project" by DakhaBrakha & Port Mone received Foreign Experts Award by musical critics Experty.by. Read more...


"Khmeleva project": recommendations from USA

Review on "Khmeleva project" in U.S. music blog.


"DiP" in German avantgarde music blog

Port Mone`s first album recommended in German avantgarde music blog. Read more...


The first mention of Port Mone from Japan

Port Mone's album "DiP" in Japanese music blog.


New review on album "DiP"

Recent review on Port Mone's debut album "DiP" by Music Review Database (UK): "...the art of minimalistic folk can be done."Read more...


Port Mone. The Lithuanian tour 2012

Port Mone in Lithuania. December 20-22. More info...


Vorsoba's new interview

Conversation about the Khmeleva project, about the new album of Port Mone and about the music and life. Read more (UA)...


One more live video of the Khmeleva project - Yelena

The Khmeleva project (DakhaBrakha & Port Mone) live in Kyiv 03.03.2012. Video by Vadim Ilkov, ArtPole


New album by Port Mone has been recorded!

On October 4 in this autumn forest Port Mone have recorded a new album


The Khmeleva project - Vesnyanky (live)

The Khmeleva project (DakhaBrakha & Port Mone) live in Kyiv 03.03.2012. Video by Vadim Ilkov, ArtPole


The Kmeleva project for the first time in Belarus

The presentation took place at Volnae Pavetra Festival (Shabli, Belarus) on August 25: "The multiplied uniqueness of the bands could have only incredible results. Joint program is amazingly magnificent!" Read review and see more photos...


Night Notebook photoshow with Port Mone in Minsk

Memories of May nights: video of Night Notebook photo installation by Maxim Shumilin and Mikhail Leschenko on May 18, 2012. Music by Port Mone.


Remix of Kmeleva project track by Anton Baibakov

"Oj, upav shizhok" remix by Anton Baibakov (UA) More music by Anton...


Port Mone took part at "Admirations" project

Port Mone flys a balloon over the Minsk area Read more...


Liga news portal: The Khmeleva project CD review

Jumps from shamanic meditation music to the music for dancing can occur within a single song. Read more...


Port Mone at Night of museums in Minsk

Minsk bacame the real european city for one night in may. "Night notebook" performance by Port Mone, Mikhail Leschenko and Maxim Shumilin and SKVOS Dance Company. Read more...


"Night notebook" performance review

The 18 th of may 2012. Night of museums in Minsk. Music by Port Mone. Photo installation by Mikhail Leschenko and Maxim Shumilin. Dance by SKVOS Dance Company. Read more...


Port Mone's interview for Musecube

Alexey Vorsoba and Aleksey Vanchuk answered the questions of the "Musecube.org" musical portal. Read more...


Review of the charity concert in Minsk

Musicians gave up their fees to children


Vote for track by the Khmeleva project

Friends! Vote for track "Yelena" at the portal worldmusic.net Read more...


Finnish musical portal kuolleenmusiikinyhdistys about the Khmeleva project

If one is not into dramatic folk music, I cannot recommend Khmeleva Project. If one has an open mind, however, it is something that contains a lot of innovation and delicious gems, from one track to the next. Read more...


The Khmeleva project - review in the Afisha magazine

In terms of the approach, the Khmeleva Project seems to be closer to the erudite and image-bearing music... Read more...


The Khmeleva project - review from Euroradio

The joint album by the representatives of the Ukrainian ethno music and the Belarusian instrumental avant-garde. Read more...


The Khmeleva project - review on Folkplanet musical portal

As its yet not possible to build a music Mecca in the Carpathian village of Khmeleva, then one can try at least to add it to the music realms. And it was done by the two gifted bands the Ukrainian ethno-chaos quartet DakhaBrakha and the Belarusian instrumental trio Port Mone. Read more...


Port Mone goes to Switzerland

Das Lieblingskonzert von Lukas Tschumperlin, Co-Leiter Rahmenprogramm Stanser Musictage 2012, ist das Instrumentaltrio Port Mone aus Weissrussland - am Dienstag im Chaslager. Read more...


Musical Experts from Belarus about the Khmeleva Project

The creation of a joint album has always been a subject of speculation who gains more. The Khmeleva Project is the optimum alternative when both parts got the benefit (first of all creative). They seem to have been searching for each other. Read more...


The Khmeleva project - review in Bolshoy magazine

The CD came out integral, hypnotic because of the peculiarities each band brought to the sound. Read more...


The Khmeleva Project nostalgia for the future

Interview with the partakers of the Khmeleva Project


Songs of a village lost in Carpathians

A year has passed since the musicians became acquainted and started close collaboration. And during this year they did a lot: created new tracks, rehearsed the program, set to the Ukrainian tour and recorded the album.Read more...


The Khmeleva Project. Giddy with spring

I load the CD of the Khmeleva Project, start listening, and spring settles in my heart for the whole hour Read more...


Hopped cocktail of the Khmeleva Project

The presentation of the joint album of the best Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha and the Belarusian experimenters Port Mone was a real gift for the audience in Vinnitsa. These tremendous and self-sufficient creative units played to a full house at the City Palace of Arts Zorya. Read more...


Our joint with DakhaBrakha album Khmeleva Project has been released!


Port Mone and DakhaBrakha in the morning broadcast on TVI


Port Mone and DakhaBrakha will record the joint album in Lodz, Poland

The CD will contain 10 tracks and will be associated with the genial company. Read more...


Vorsoba's interview for euroradio

Aleksey told about the new ethno-electronic project, shared emotions about collaboration with DakhaBrakha and outlined the benefits and drawbacks of the Belarusian music. Read more...


DakhaBrakha and Port Mone joint project

Being cut from the world (and not being acquainted before), the musicians organized their everyday life and scheduled the repetitions that were held from dawn till the sun was setting behind the Dniester canyon hills. Read more...


Please, Call Back Later

Animation film directed by Yulia Ruditskaya, Music by Port Mone Acoustic Trio


DakhaBrakha and Port Mone: reviews of the common concerts

DakhaBrakha from Kyiv and Port Mone trio from Minsk met in the midst of the Dniester canyon hills, and in spring 2011 they began to create a new program. The musicians cut themselves from the world in order to open up to each other and to look inside themselves. The reviews of the joint concerts can be found HERE...


A detached, yet passionate view of the past: Port Mone and swing couture

Keeping that stubborn heritage alive are three men from Minsk, known together as Port Mone: Aleksei Vorsoba, Sergei Kravchenko, and Aleksei Vanchuk. They turn the traditional harmonies of the accordion into what they call a "mix of ambient, noise, experimental, and classical/traditional" forms. Read more...


Port Mone in Portugal

Port Mone trio performed at the "World Accordion Festival" in Torres Vedras (Portugal). Read more...


Music by Port Mone in the Swedish performance

The music by the instrumental trio Port Mone was used in the performance Where the Water Flows Uphill by the Swedish choreographer Sybrig Dokter. The presentation took place in Minsk within the Days of the Swedish Modern Choreography.


Review by Denis Rubin

Rippled and heavy instrumental tracks ultimately get the listener dip into the new world of melancholy and meditation. In the PORT MONEs world there are no illusions and hopes, no light gap, just dead and poor landscape. Coulees, frozen wellheads, rivers turned to a standstill. Read more...


Port Mone at SteppenWolf Award 2010

Port Mone trio was nominated for the two awards Best Album and Music.


Review by KM.RU

Impressionism and the process of dip are the two key concepts characterizing all the tracks of the album Read more...


Presentation of the album DiP in Minsk on March 13, 2010

The concert was a special one. It was germinating like growing dusk or dawn.Read more...


Artemy Troitsky's review

The authorial and music idea of the band seems to me to be of the highest quality in contrast to a great deal of contemporary accordion improvisatory music (including jazz and avant-garde)Read more...


The best music albums of 2009 have been announced

The overseas music experts recognized the album DiP by Port Mone the Best Album in Belarus 2009.Read more...


Review from Samara

Port Mone represents oceans of lost capabilities for those who studied at music school at the accordion course.Read more...


Reviews from Belarus

It is a new level of the native instrumental genre the instrumental poetry, if you preferRead more...


The best foreign album 2009 in Croatia

The Croatian musical portal terapija.net recognized the album DiP by Port Mone the Best Overseas Album 2009. Read more...


Rolling Stone Russia review

having such a limited set of expressive means, the musicians recorded a CD that keeps the listener in tension from the first to the last sound, and listening to the album can be called a sort of adventure Read more...


Meet Port Mone

This anxiety is necessary to arise something extraordinary inside the listener. Similarly, when you interact with your beloved person, you feel something like agitation, trepidation Read more...



The Belarusian trio Port Mone isnt afraid of the epidemy. The band came to Dnepropetrovsk and gave an interview to the Gorozhanin newspaper about a city from a dream, unusual gifts and post-war architecture. Read more...


Port Mone in Ivano-Frankivsk



On-line conference with Port Mone trio

To my mind, this album contains a great deal of sexual energy from the viewpoint that sex is a motion from fear towards the opposite direction. I wonder, is it just a subjective perception? Read more...


Album DiP review from Croatia

It's a mistake that best albums come from the West only. Here is one of the best albums of year 2009 and it is coming from the East, from Belarus. This is something really fabulous. Read more...


Port Mone in Lublin

Kto trzymal kciuki za powodzenie ich walki, w nagrode dostal hipnotyzujace dzwieki z pogranicza jazzu i folku, grane na akordeonie, bebnie i gitarze basowej. Read more...


Port Mone at O2tv


Premiere of the paroemiac tale Sand Castle

According to Aleskey Lelyavsky, the director of the Belarusian State Puppet Theatre, the peculiarity of the play is that not only puppets were used for the presentation of the material, but also such visual means as drawing and projection. The play Sand Castle doesnt refer to the entertainment category, and at the same time it doesnt contain complex storylines or extended monologues. The music to the paroemiac tale was written by Port Mone trio.