about the band
about the band
Port Mone are an instrumental trio who have forged their own voice from a mix of influences, including jazz, minimalism and ambient music. They are still developing in this new direction and are popular among music lovers from both the east and west...
The band name is pun:
"Port" means a harbor or landing place and "Mone" is a reference to Claude Monet, a founder of French Impressionism.
Since 2006, when Port Mone Trio established in Minsk, Belarus, they became a favorite band of Eastern European music critics. Their music touches both classical times and rumbling artillery fire and folk music in such a way that it won hearts of listeners all over Europe. It is the musical chroniclers of contemporary history.

Critics point out that Port Mone is a brand-new phenomenon that is difficult to fit into the stylistic forms as the music of the trio links classical music, jazz, noise, experimental and folk music.
The Album of the Year by foreign experts of Experty.by (2009, Belarus, Dip)
The Best Foreign Album of 2009 by Terapija.net (2009, Croatia, Dip)
Nomination for Steppenwolf Award by Artemy Troitsky as The Best Album and The Music (2009, Russia, Dip)
The Album of the Year by foreign experts of Experty.by (2012, Belarus, The Khmeleva project)
The Best Instrumental Album by Experty.by (2014, Belarus, Thou)
Public Experts Prize by Experty.by (2014, Belarus, Thou)
Grand Jury Prize by Experty.by (2014, Belarus, Thou)
The Album of the Year by Experty.by (2014, Belarus, Thou)
The Best Record by Rock Profi Awards (2014, Belarus, Thou)
Field recording vs studio
The second album Thou by Port Mone Trio was released in Slovakia in 2014, by Hevhetia jazz label.
The recording of the album turned into experiment with the sound. The musicians stepped away from the laboratory-like conditions of the studio and opted for the natural acoustic environment. The studio equipment was moved to a forest where all the tracks were recorded. Such a method of recording was determined not only by the acoustic preferences of the musicians but also by the concept of the main creative aim of Port Mone Trio – an appeal to the natural, pure, and primordial in the human soul; to something that exists beyond social regulations and codes. The tracks of the album form a peculiar canvas of genuine feelings familiar to everybody – love, betrayal, waiting, loss, despair, peace, and happiness...
Download "Thou"
Concert in the middle of the fjord. "Clandestino" festival (Sweden, 2015)
Port Mone trio is in-demand live band.

Selected past performances:

Umeå Jazz Festival 2014 (Umeå, Sweden),
VII World accordion festival (Torres Vedras, PT),
Stanser Musiktage festival (Stans, CH),
Pordenone Silent Film festival (Pordenone, IT),
The 13th Crossroads festival (Krakow, PL),
Hevhetia festival (Kosice, SK),
Gogolfest (Kyiv, UA),
Artpole festival (Unizh, UA),
Europejski Stadion Kultury (Rzeszow, PL),
Creation of Peace (Perm, RU) and others.

Port Mone Trio is also known for their collaborative projects with the musicians, directors, artists, and performers from all over the world.

"The Khmeleva project"
by DakhaBrakha and Port Mone Trio
The Khmeleva project was created by Artpole agency (Kyiv) in 2011. DakhaBrakha and Port Mone Trio shared a two-week residency in the Carpathian mountains to create music and present it in Ukraine.
The album was released in 2012 after the second music session. The Khmeleva project was named in honor of the Ukranian village Khmeleva were the residencies took place. The album was recorded at Toyastudios in Poland with the support of the Polish independent label Hermetic Garage and Ukrainian agency Artpole.
The Khmeleva project has a great touring history in Ukraine, Russia and Poland that lasted for more than 3 years.

by Jazacsek, Jerzy Osiennik and Port Mone Trio
Miniatury is a project dedicated to Polish-Belarussian writer Sokrat Janowicz. The project started in Krynki, Poland, in 2016.

The lyricism of the locals and their place is difficult to fix. It constantly defocuses, hides in a quiet and secluded borderland between the West and the East, between us and them, between the village and the city, past and future, life and death.Socrat Janovicz lived in Krynki, a place on the border of Poland and Belarus. His texts very well convey this subtle living in-between, this love somewhere in the middle and despite everything, and tranquility and recipience of an attentive observer, who discovered the elusive nuances of simplicity.

Michal Jacaszek — author and producer of electroacoustic music that combines electronically prepared sounds with acoustic instruments. Composer of soundtracks and theatre music. He is a co-curator of C3 Festival /Club Contemporary Classical/. Member of Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music. Lives in Gdansk, Poland.

Jerzy Osiennik — frontman of iconic bands R.F. Braha and Zero-85 (PL/BY), poet, photographer, graphic designer, and art director of music festivals.

Music score to the silent movie "Bread" (1929) perfomed by Port Mone Trio
An unknown Ukrainian film avant-garde masterpiece, this agitprop film, created in 1929, was banned and long forgotten: the first mentions of Bread appeared only in the 1970s. The movie's epic language is especially laconic,while scenes of everyday life acquire a symbolic meaning. The special charm of the film comes from the unsurpassed camera work and innovative editing, which integrates the intertitles into semantics of the screen images – clear, ascetic, expressive and remarkably suggestive. The soundtrack is created by Belarusian instrumental trio Port Mone, whose meditative music ideally fits the epic Bread.

Films, animations, theater
Music by Port Mone Trio was used in a number of feature films, documentaries, animations, and theater plays.
- Please, Call back later
Belarus/Korea 2010
Producer: Seoul Animation Centre and SICAF
Director, script, art-director, animator: Yulia Ruditskaya

- Sea
Belarus/Poland 2017
Director, animator: Marharita Tsikhanovich


- A second to
Belarus 2013
Skvo's Dance Company
Director, choreographer: Olga Skvortsova

- Bi-Linguo
Belarus 2013
Director: Andrey Savchenko

- Nostalgia<<2012
UK, Ukraine 2013
Director and performer: Che Kevlin

- Sand Castle
Belarus 2008
Belarus Puppet Theater
Director: Aleksey Lelyavsky

"SEA" Directed & Animated by Marharita Tsikhanovich
XV TRIALOG w Krynkach / Białoruski mit
"A second to", 2014
Please, Call Back Later, 2010
They turn the traditional harmonies of the accordion into a mix of ambient, noise, experimental, and classical/traditional forms...
Port Mone Trio performs for the Ukranian soldiers (Crimea, 2014)
In spring 2014, Port Mone Trio performed for a group of the surrounded Ukrainian soldiers in the Crimea, while the Russian soldiers patrolled just a stone's throw from the stage. They received standing ovations from the both sides.

Despite absence of folk themes, the music suggests itself to be called the roots...
Rolling Stone (RU): DiP review

Alexey Vorsoba
Composer, arranger, teacher, author of music for films, animation, commercials, spectacles, performances. Leader of Port Mone Trio.
Siarhei Krauchanka
Composer, arranger, publicist, architector. Founder of Port Mone Trio.
Aleksey Vanchuk
Composer, arranger. Professional video games sound designer and music score author. Founder of Port Mone Trio.

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